Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Niel DeVasto: Grandfather of the Gorloks

Outgoing Sports Information Director Niel DeVasto has spent his professional life dedicated to Webster University. He helped start Webster's athletic program and form the St. Louis Intercollegiate Athletic Conference.

Webster student premieres film at international film festival

Maalik Shakoor's first paying acting job was in a Missouri Lottery commercial. Now, he has just premiered his short film "He Who Listens" at the St. Louis International Film Festival.

Webster assistant professor Lisa Brunette releases new app “Sender Unknown: Into the Woods”

Lisa Brunette writes and releases new "text based adventure" app to positive reviews.

Nicole Roach continues diversity and inclusion legacy with non-profit

Nicole Roach is stepping down from the position of Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer. But her diversity goals will not end at Webster as she will continue to work through a new non-profit.

New dean has history in gay rights movement

New Dean of Arts and Sciences Anton Wallner has a history as an athlete, gay rights advocate and dedicated educator.

Webster student self-publishes second novel

Game and game design major Preston Lingle writes as a hobby. This has led to two-self published novels and a dream to write for role playing video games.

Webster student plays drums in band Seventh Sword

Audio Major Connor Johnson has played drums since he was in fifth grade. Now, he plays in heavy metal band Seventh Sword and produces his own music.

Fertility experiences inspire alumna’s new film

When alumna Zoe Kennison was told by a doctor that it was a woman's duty to have children, this inspired her to create a film that tackles the experiences and pressures on women regarding parenthood.

Webster alumni and students collaborate for brand-new sci-fi racing game

Independent game developing studio Happy Badger Studio are putting the finishing touches on SmuggleCraft, a racing game where players will smuggle contraband between three factions.

Uncle Joey visits Webster

Full House’s Dave Coulier brought his stand-up routine to the Loretto-Hilton Center, detailing his experiences on the hit ABC show and showing off his musical talents.

Webster alumnus Bryan Alaspa goes for horror, thrills in published works

A radio host speaks on air with a serial killer. An elevator serves as a gate to an alternate reality. A man walks into customs at the airport with credentials from a non-existent country.These stories come from the mind of Webster alumnus Bryan Alaspa, class of 1993.

Poet Freeman Word leads workshop on campus

The workshop emphasized the importance of truth and connecting with oneself.

BBB warns students of spring break scams

With spring break right around the corner, the Better Business Bureau is working to make sure college students are aware of the risk that comes with booking a trip through untrustworthy resources.

Webster community weigh in on pros and cons of pursuing specialized degrees

A big debate in higher education is about getting a broad degree for more job opportunities or a more specific degree that is closer to what someone wants to specialize in for the rest of their lives.

Webster University celebrates student backgrounds at Encountering Differences Film Festival

The differences between borders were the theme of a new film festival called the Encountering Differences Film Festival that brought together students from around the world.

Webster class washes away their senses at FLOAT STL

Lying down in a closed tank of water in silence for 90 minutes is the basis of what local FLOAT STL does. However, its salted water has become a popular mainstay for the way it relieves tension and relaxes the body and mind.