Tuesday, June 22, 2021

LGBTQ+ students find support on campus while encouraging growth

Senior John Wallis credits some of his comfortability with coming out to Webster. Yet, he wants to see Webster continue to have tough conversations...

The Wombats play Pop’s Nightclub

British band The Wombats performed at Pop's Nightclub in Sauget, Ill. Here's a Q&A with the drummer of the band, Dan Haggis.

Student performances take the stage, open for Girl Talk

The opening acts for Girl Talk, featuring the rap duo Tef Poe and Rocky with DJ Kevin Mimms, and Samuriot, a ska band, brought an exciting energy to the stage to end SpringFest.

Battling narcolepsy with nutrition

Webster University student Charissa Martin considered herself the “always-sick, never-feels-good” girl who normally took around six medications at once. But after adopting a gluten-free diet as a way to combat her narcolepsy, she has seen a huge improvement in her day-to-day life.

Surfacing explores love in the 2011 Music Revue

Student performers play complex characters in this dynamic musical.

Webster student pursues career in medicine during COVID-19

Senior biological sciences major Lauren Coleman's dream is to enter the medical field. Her journey to this goal has taken her from the Galapagos...

Webster University alums’ short film ‘Les MiséraBaristas’ wins Viewer’s Choice Award in the Tiny...

Four Webster alums had the opportunity to showcase their post-college work experiences with the world in a musical short. The premise of the short is based of cast members’ work experiences as a baristas. The film won the cast the Viewer’s Choice Award in the Tiny Film Festival.

Warm weather ushers in mushroom season

Springtime is morel mushroom season in Missouri. Mushroom hunters discuss tips and tricks to finding them, the morel variety specifically.

Chess team captures Pan-Am Championship, qualifies for Final Four

Susan Polgar continues to dominate collegiate chess with her third trip in as many years to the College Chess Final Four as the coach of the No. 1-ranked team in the country. Webster is the first team ever to be ranked that highly in its first year of collegiate competition.
Student practices ancient Middle Eastern art of belly dancing

Embodying a Culture

Webster Student practices the ancient Middle Eastern art of belly dancing.

Lara, Elizabeth Teeter bring talents to “The Little Mermaid”

Muny CEO, Denny Reagan says for the Teeter family, acting is in the genes.

‘Other Desert Cities’ Daughter resurfaces her family’s secret

In The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis' upcoming production, "Other Desert Cities," Brooke Wyeth (Celeste Ciulla) comes home with a manuscript full of her family's private matters. She is forced to decide if she will pursue publication against her parents' wishes, meanwhile learning of more secrets than are contained in the pages of her book.

LGBTQ+ students highlight their experiences at Webster

Webster University is a campus that promotes inclusion and diversity. Members of the LGBTQ community have faced challenges and have found inclusive systems at...
The Lizardtones rock headlining at AES Concert Series

The Lizardtones Rock Headlining at Audio Engineering Society Concert Series

When their previous headliner dropped out, AES had to make some changes to their lineup on Jan. 31. The Lizardtones stepped up to the...

VIDEO: Students Craft Symbols of Genitalia, Discuss Gender Inequality

A small group of Webster students turned glitter glue, markers, and feathers into a spider web, a sun, and a little man in a boat; symbols to represent their vaginas.

Springfest 2015: Q&A with A Great Big World

The Journal caught up with the musical duo to discuss their college years, their advice to music students and their excitement for playing at Webster on April 18.

‘Life moves forward’ for family of officer slain in Kirkwood shooting

Kirkwood police officer Tom Ballman made the ultimate sacrifice for his community on Feb. 7, 2008.