Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Webster music students performed ‘The Human Experience’ on March 9

Seventeen Webster University music students created a concert to perform for peers, family and community members on March 9 titled “The Human Experience.” The...

Alicia Graf Mack joins Webster as visiting professor of dance

Professional dancer Alicia Graf Mack has performed with the likes of Beyonce and John Legend. However, the highlights of her career are not those performances. It is working with local companies and teaching others.

Loui family grows up with Webster Conservatory

Wayne Loui is one of the original founding members of the Conservatory. 50 years later, he and his family are still a big part of the performing arts school.

Get lost with Liz: How to tackle homesickness while abroad

Study abroad student overcomes longing for home with a weekend trip to Berlin.

The perks of not being a wallflower

A guide to just a few organizations that Webster University has to offer. For more suggestions, Involved@Webster can provide a full organization list. Webster University...

Student Elspeth Furey decorates Pearson House for Halloween

Elspeth Furey decorated the Pearson House in an "Alice in Wonderland" theme. As a kid, Elspeth Furey was not a fan of Halloween. The...

‘Fall’ in love with upcoming events on campus

The days are growing shorter, the nights are getting longer, and the leaves are changing color. Here are five upcoming events on campus through...

Former Webster student brings his moves to The Lion King musical

Geoff Myers, who studied at Webster for two years, has been dancing to the "Circle of Life" since 2003, when he joined a Chicago production of The Lion King. That relationship has been ongoing, and his role has expanded since.

Akshaya Sharma starts online textbook service through BookRenter

After becoming frustrated with purchasing textbooks, sophomore Akshaya Sharma decided to do something about it.

‘One world, many stories’

Webster students Bryce Goodloe and Brianna Brown performed for the first time at the spoken word open mic during I-Fest 2016. Goodloe usually performs as an actor, but this was his first time performing spoken word poetry.

Motivated To Keep The Dream Alive

New assistant professor in voice and speech, Joanna Battles hopes to help Webster students improve their acting skills with her voice and speech techniques.

“Slowly everything started to work”

Webster University alumna Ava Roesslein has battled cerebral palsy for all of her life. After traveling to Panama to receive a stem cell treatment that is not regulated in the U.S., she has seen improvement in her balance, movement and strength.

Jefferson Barracks hosts adult Easter egg hunt

Adults hunt for “golden” eggs at this year’s 16th annual adult egg hunt.

Journalist and writer Toni Tipton-Martin discusses African-American cookbooks for Soul Food Week

Journalist, writer, and former WHite House guest Toni Tipton-Martin discusses African-American cookbooks and healthy eating habits at the event Mindy, Body, and Soul Food in the Sunnen Lounge Feb. 28.

Alumni work in close ‘Proximity’ with Adam Wainwright

A handful of Webster University alumni, a camera and St. Louis Cardinals player Adam Wainwright were just a few of the things needed to...

Craig Miller Sr. builds foundation at Webster

Craig Miller, Sr.'s dedication to architecture at Webster has produced state-of-the-art buildings like the East Academic Building and The Interdisciplinary Sciences Building. His love and appreciation for architecture is deeply rooted in his family's history.

Puns in “Paul” prove funny

In 2004, viewers were introduced to “Shaun of the Dead,” a quirky but hilarious British film about an average schmuck who gets caught up in a zombie apocalypse that became a cult hit almost instantly. Since then, writing duo Nick Frost and Simon Pegg have become icons in their own right.