Sunday, September 19, 2021

LGBTQ+ students find support on campus while encouraging growth

Senior John Wallis credits some of his comfortability with coming out to Webster. Yet, he wants to see Webster continue to have tough conversations...


Underclassmen dance majors embrace performance opportunity Webster University underclassmen dance majors had the opportunity to perform their own choreographed pieces in “Creations: A Student Choreography...

Tattoos of Webster

In the spring of 2016, The Journal set out to create a gallery chronicling the different tattoos that students and employees at Webster have on their bodies. Every tattoo holds significant meaning to those that get ink, and The Journal wants their stories to be heard.

Opinions on tattoos differ by religion

Though religions take various stances on tattoos, Webster students sometimes do not take their beliefs into account.

Remembering Terry, Kirk and Tony

The families of Terry Jackson, Kirk Cappello and Tony Saputo reflect on their time with the three before their tragic deaths.

Witchcraft gains popularity through TikTok

Throughout history, witches have turned to seclusion and faced being hunted and killed. Today, Gen Z has embraced witchcraft and is sharing their knowledge...

Student finds quiet places to take Zoom classes

Commuter student Logan Nguyen takes an online class the same day as an in-person class. Over the first few weeks, Nguyen explored places to...

Stephanie Beatriz closes out the Virtual Headliner Series

Stephanie Beatriz spoke with Webster students virtually on April 12. The "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" star talked about representing LGBTQ+ and Latina communities in entertainment. On April...
Jim Singer sits in the studio

K-SHE legend shares his expertise with students

School of Communications student media coordinator Jim Singer found his passion for radio at a young age. He wants to help the next generation...

Webster Groves restaurants find ways to adapt in spite of pandemic

Ghost kitchens. Delivery service. Curbside services. These are just some ways restaurant owners have had to get creative in the face of the COVID-19...

Winter Opera St. Louis’ ‘Suor Angelica’ brings Webster alumni and faculty member together

Webster alumna Journee Carter was excited for the opportunity to collaborate with others during "Suor Angelica."  Webster Alumna Kat Rubush graduated with a Bachelor...

VIDEO: The Ghost that Haunts Webster University’s Loretto Hall

Webster alumni and current employee Billy Ratz tells of his experiences with a ghost on the top floor of Loretto Hall.

St. Louis tag-team battles the 11-pound Pointersaurus Pizza

In 2010, Randy Santel and Dan Graham successfully completed the Pointersaurus Pizza Challenge at Pointer's pizza. Eight years later, freshman Asia Jones attempts to finish the 28-inch pizza with her teammate, Curtis Windell.

Strange Donuts founder turns a second chance into success.

Jason Bockman grew up living in group homes. Now he owns a half-a-million dollar house in West County. Jason Bockman went from a troubled adolescent with...

From voice memos to EPs, student Keshon Duke has grown as an artist

Keshon Duke taught himself how to play bass and drums in middle school. Now he has released an EP titled "love letter." In one of...

VIDEO: Tattoos Believed to be Sinful, Show Bad Taste

Deja Randle is a devoted Christian who believes tattoos of crosses and Bible scriptures are wrong.