Sunday, February 28, 2021

Broeder, Stimpfl to fill in for Wilson

Wilson’s resignation left the dean position for the College of Arts and Sciences vacant. A void that is now temporarily filled by two faculty members of the college; Jenny Broeder and Joseph Stimpfl.

Dustin Thode provides Webster men’s basketball with the stats opponents can’t match

The Webster men’s basketball team has a secret weapon on its bench who hasn’t played a minute all year. Dustin Thode, the team statistician, provides the team with a service few others can mentally record.

Webster men’s basketball scores 100 to rebound from season’s first loss

The Gorloks improved to 1-1 after the Cavallo Classic and prepare for this weekend’s tournament in Louisville, Ky. In the Cavallo Classic's final game, Webster scored 100 points for the first time since 2005.

Webster billboard sparks open forum from SGA

Student Governance Association is set to host an open-forum between students and the marketing department.

Student, professional performers share meaning behind art at annual Drag Ball

“It’s not just people throwing on some lipstick and trying to look like someone else; it’s art," said Regan Gillam, student drag performer.

BREAKING: Recent Webster graduate dies from COVID-19

Mohammad Ahmad Zain, a 2019 graduate of the Walker School of Business and Technology, passed away on April 1. A recent Webster graduate, Mohammad Ahmad...

Webster payroll system browser issues cause student employee frustration

Webster University launches two year project “My Webster” with obstacles.

Strange Donuts founder turns a second chance into success.

Jason Bockman grew up living in group homes. Now he owns a half-a-million dollar house in West County. Jason Bockman went from a troubled adolescent with...

PHOTO SLIDESHOW: Kit Kat ‘Cabaret’

Sex, money and dancing set the stage for the last rehearsal before opening night of the St. Louis Repertory Theatre's "Cabaret."

Students petition for postponement of 2020 commencement ceremony

Webster University announced the 2020 commencement ceremony would be held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Students have started a petition to postpone the...

Sophomore runner rolls into record books

Webster cross country runner finds balance on his unicycle while breaking school records with his legs.

WU students from all across globe come to Webster Groves

For spring break during the centennial year, Webster University welcomed international students for a leadership summit.

Former Webster University athlete determined after struggles

Bryan Enger had thoughts of suicide as he sat in a solitary cell in the St. Louis County Jail. Almost two months later, Enger, a senior history major, said he no longer has those thoughts. Now Enger’s thoughts are focused on the non-profit organization he plans to start with his family.

St. Louis climate strike draws hundreds

"Be loud. We want the whole city to hear us," Brianna Chandler, organizer of Climate Strike St. Louis said. From the top of the steps...

A new chef in the kitchen

Jonanthan Kraft brings international cuisine to Webster as the new head chef at Marletto's Marketplace.

City Plan Commission hosts public forum on educational zoning

The city plan commission presented amendments to educational zoning in Webster Groves during a public hearing at its Dec. 2 meeting.

Webster student plays drums in band Seventh Sword

Audio Major Connor Johnson has played drums since he was in fifth grade. Now, he plays in heavy metal band Seventh Sword and produces his own music.