Here’s your SGA voter’s guide


With the end of the semester approaching, Webster’s Student Government Association (SGA) election is open beginning Monday, April 17. Voting ends on Thursday, April 20. 

Voters can find more information, including extended candidate profiles, on the SGA website or SGA’s social media. Follow our voting guide below to get informed about the candidates before you vote!

All students listed are in good academic standing with the university. To vote, visit Involved@Webster from April 17-20.


Candidate for President: 

Rayna Friedman (she/her)

Year: Senior

Major: Business Administration

A long-time member of Webster’s SGA, Friedman formerly held the roles of Vice President and Senator. She was also a member of her high school’s student government. Friedman hopes to increase student engagement and integrate students’ voices into student government. She aims to further the student body’s professional development and emphasize the activities and resources available. 


Candidate for Vice President

Matthew Langston (he/him)

Year: Senior

Major: Political Science

Langston has served in two other positions with SGA, including senator and Comptroller. His priorities include increasing student involvement and encouraging a direct link for students to voice opinions to the university’s administration. He also expresses hopes of soundproofing buildings on campus, including the Thompson house. 


Candidates for Ambassador for Diversity and Inclusion: 

Goutham Adulapuri (he/him)

Year: Graduate student

Major: Information Technology Management

As an undergraduate, Adulapuri served as campus ambassador. He prides himself on working with the community, including starting the Formula 1 racing club at Webster. He values inclusion and advocacy for policy change, and he hopes to support international and marginalized communities on matters including mental health. He plans to foster initiatives to bring groups together, working with faculty and administrators to promote student engagement.


Tee Coffman (she/her)

Year: Junior

Major: Psychology with emphasis in mental health

Coffman hopes to shift student perspectives by making fun, diverse and inclusive spaces on campus. She seeks to bridge the gaps for students who have traditionally been left out of higher education and to help people grow outside of the box that others have put them in. She also hopes to improve student involvement with strengthened planning.


Anike Thapa (he/him)

Year: Senior

Major: Management with emphasis in International Business

As an international student, Thapa says he has firsthand experience being within an underrepresented group. Thapa plans to work with administration to develop initiatives such as forums, training, and workshops. He hopes to create a network of support for international students through mentorship programs, cultural activities and language exchange.


Candidates for Secretary:

Kristina Tresnytska (she/her)

Year: Junior

Major: Business Management with emphasis in International Business

An international student from Ukraine, Tresnytska hopes to bring transparency and accountability into the role of Secretary. She plans to keep the student body in touch with updates and coordinate decision making within SGA. Tresnytska values equality and plans to help improve the overall experience of students. An active member of the international community, she says her communication and time management skills will help her perform the duties of this position.


Saroj Gurung (he/him)

Year: Graduate student

Major: Data Analytics

Gurung hopes to bring the voice of both master’s and international students into SGA. He believes his understanding of psychology and communication skills will help bring an aspect of accessibility to student involvement. As a student in data analytics, Gurung plans to bring his knowledge to the position of secretary.


Candidate for Sergeant at Arms

Darrien Daily (he/him)

Year: Sophomore

Major: Business Administration, Accounting

Daily currently serves as Sergeant at Arms on the Constitution Committee. While Daily wasn’t available for comment for The Journal, he wrote the following comment to Student Government Association.

“As a member of SGA, specifically Sergeant at Arms, I would like to ensure that every meeting is ran as efficiently as possible while also making sure that everyone has their fair say, and that the opinions and voices not only SGA members, but the student body as a whole are heard.”


Candidate for Student Organization Liaison:

Brian Rubin (he/him)

Year: Junior

Major: Journalism, Finance

A member of four clubs and current student organization liaison, Rubin hopes to involve more of the student population in clubs and organizations. Rubin plans to help students use the programming grant fund (a fund that allows for organizations to host more costly, larger events). He hopes to invite the student body to become more involved in SGA. 


Candidate for George Herbert Walker School of Business and Technology Senator:

Surya Sikhakolli (he/him)

Year: Graduate student

Major: Information Technology Management

Sikhakolli plans to emphasize communication between the various schools at Webster and point curriculum toward social consciousness. Sikhakolli hopes to help international students and lessen culture shock. He has held other leadership positions in Student Council, National Service Scheme and Indian Concrete Institute. Sikhakolli believes his experience, confidence and communication skills will help him in this role.


Candidate for School of Communications Senator:

KP Benton (they/them)

Year: Junior

Major: Advertising & Marketing Communications

Benton previously held the role of Senator for School of Communications and is running again to maintain the progress they made in semesters before, they said. They hope to help Webster grow and bring each school closer together as Webster returns even closer to normalcy following the pandemic. They hope to represent the School of Communications and even bring in new merchandise.


Candidates for School of Education Senators:

Milan Henline (he/him)

Year: Junior

Major: Education with emphasis in Secondary Mathematics

Henline held this position previously and is running again to support the student body and grow the representation of the School of Education around campus. Henline hopes to increase involvement and raise student turnout at events. He believes his relationship with the student body, faculty and SGA will help to open communication and bring Webster closer together.


Kaeli Berry (she/her)

Year: Junior

Major: Education, Middle School Math

As a member of Webster’s cheerleading team, Berry values integrity, compassion and honesty. Berry hopes to improve overall student experience at Webster, especially for students in the School of Education. She plans to help get the School of Education more involved in the community by working with area schools at all levels. Berry believes her leadership and communication skills will help her fulfill this role.


Candidates for Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts Senators:

Katy Boykin (she/her)

Year: Sophomore

Major: BA Music

Boykin is a passionate member of the College of Fine Arts and plays 15 instruments. She hopes to build the relationship between departments and give students increased access to their department’s facilities. Boykin plans to celebrate and grow the culture of Webster. 


Henry Kress (he/him)

Year: Senior

Major: Jazz Performance

Kress hopes to bring in students outside the Fine Arts school, including through events such as a monthly jam session. Kress plans to integrate soundproofing into buildings and streamline the department’s social media.


Candidate for Graduate Student Senators:

Subash Yadav (he/him)

Year: Graduate student

Major: Data Analytics

Yadav is the President of Webster’s Technical society and hopes to increase student involvement for everyone. As an international student, Yadav says he understands students are unaware of the resources available to them. He hopes to increase accessibility and make connections, bringing students into programs they might not know about. Yadav also hopes to increase funding opportunities for graduate students, secure additional funding sources, and improve research facilities.

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