‘Bringing greenways to life’ in the St. Louis region through Great Rivers Greenway’s online survey


People can take an online survey about Great Rivers Greenway through Feb. 6. The survey helps inform plans for the greenway moving forward.

For the past 22 years, Great Rivers Greenway has worked on connecting the St. Louis region. Through paved trails for walking or biking and conservation projects in areas you wouldn’t typically see, the agency has created over 128 miles of greenways connecting neighborhoods and districts.

These plans wouldn’t be possible without a long-term plan – which is updated every five years. 2022 happens to be one of those years, so Great Rivers Greenway is looking for feedback from citizens in the area.

Gravois Greenway: Grant’s Trail is commonly used by bicyclists, as shown here with its trailhead. Photo by Alexandria Darmody.

Through Feb. 6, the agency is asking citizens and workers in the region – but especially in St. Louis City, St. Louis County and St. Charles County – to provide feedback via a survey at the Greenway Plan website.

“For every single greenway that we build, we are in a constant feedback loop with community members through every stage of planning and designing,” Elizabeth Simons, community program manager at Great Rivers Greenway said in a public Q&A. “Whether you are an avid runner or a bicyclist or a bird watcher or a paddler, thinking about all the different ways people want to use a greenway and asking for feedback.”

The survey itself asks various questions with different focuses on conservation and accessibility, as well as diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). The survey even has a section asking participants to mark areas where greenways should be, giving an example of a route between the St. Louis Art Museum and Gateway Arch.

“Your voices are central to bringing greenways to life – these are your tax dollars at work,” CEO Susan Trautman said. “We want to hear from you. Help us identify the greenway connections you want to see.”

For the diversity, equity and inclusion portion, Great Rivers Greenway has a DEI plan already, but is looking to open up further communication about the topic. In the survey, they ask participants how these conversations would be had best and how to share progress they made and continue to make.

The survey is available to anyone who lives or works in the St. Louis area. The survey is approximately ten minutes long and five participants will be given a $100 gift card to the grocery store of their choice. To take it, visit the Greenway Plan website by Feb. 6.

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