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“I thought it would be beneficial for students to have their own space outside of deadlines and other expectations to share their writing,” Maria Walls, president of the Writers’ Coalition, said.

Webster University has a brand new organization coming to campus: The Writers’ Coalition gives its members an outlet to share, read, critique and workshop their writing. Maria Walls is the president of the organization.

“If you’re looking to improve your writing and connect with other students in the process, this is the place for you,” Walls said.

Walls started the organization based on her experience as a creative writing student here at Webster University.

“I’ve taken many of the creative writing workshop classes at Webster, which have been extremely helpful,” Walls said. “But I thought it would be beneficial for students to have their own space outside of deadlines and other expectations to share their writing, regardless of where it is in the writing process.”

Organization member Sabrina Kutell is a prime example of what Walls wanted to provide for other students.

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“Personally, I joined the Writers’ Coalition because while I really like essay writing, I haven’t written for fun since I was a child,” Kutell said. “Part of the reason I joined the club was so I could overcome that embarrassment and learn to be more vulnerable sharing things I’ve created, written or otherwise.”

Members within the organization aren’t required to participate in anything they are uncomfortable doing. The themes, genres and feedback shared in the organization are all dependent on what the individual feels comfortable doing. Walls recognized anxiety and discomfort as core roadblocks with writing, and wanted to base the organization around overcoming those obstacles.

“My hope with this club is that all our members will work to support one another, and our combined effort will make all of us grow into the best possible versions of ourselves,” Walls said. “Writing can be a very vulnerable thing, especially when you’re sharing it with others, so I see this club as an alliance of both trust and genuine interest in each other’s improvement.”

Even if you aren’t a creative writing major, Grace Miller, secretary of the Writers’ Coalition, still encourages you to join.

“This club is open to all students, and we are happy to read and work with any style of writing,” Miller said.

The Writers’ Coalition is still in the beginning processes of speaking with the Student Government Association to officially become a student organization, so you won’t be able to find it on Webster’s involvement directory just yet.

If you’re interested in joining, the organization holds in-person meetings on Mondays at 3 p.m. in the Priest House Pink Room. Those that can’t make it in-person can always join through Zoom.

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