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In the spring of 2016, The Journal set out to create a gallery chronicling the different tattoos that students and employees at Webster have on their bodies. The size and intricacy of the individual tattoos varied from a full sleeve down their entire arm, to a small triangle on the back of a thigh. Despite the size, every tattoo holds significant meaning to those that get ink, and The Journal wants their stories to be heard.

If you have tattoos you want to display, be sure to come to the Conference Room in the University Center on March 15 between 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. Signs will be set up in the UC leading to the location.

Click thumbnails to view full image. Click on the “i” button on each photograph to see the meaning behind each piece.

Austin Baumgartner

Austin Baumgartner is a Video Production junior at Webster. His tattoo doesn't have a light-hearted meaning however.

Brelon Buckner

Brelon is a senior of Economics at Webster. His two tattoos help to remind him of his intimate connection with his father.

Caleb Taylor

Caleb Taylor is a senior in the Lighting Design department of the Conservatory. The meaning of the Atlas statue tattoo on his arm extends beyond Greek mythology however.

Chase Thomaston

Chase Thomaston is a Musical Theater junior at Webster. Chase valued the words of a mentor so highly, that he decided to put it on his body forever.

Collin Tabor

Collin Tabor is a junior in the Business Management department. Collin's two tattoos are dedicated to his home state of Colorado.

Daniel Carcione

Daniel Carcione is a Journalism senior in the School of Communications at Webster. He has 13 tattoos from places like Hawaii, Philadelphia, Las Vegas and St. Louis.

Davian Joseph

Davian is a junior of Exercise Science as well as a member of the basketball team at Webster. After a rough childhood growing up in Barbados, Davian wanted his tattoos to reflect his strength and memories.

Gavin McGrath

Gavin McGrath is a Psychology sophomore with two tattoos. His fascination for biomechs and his Welsh heritage make for some interesting tattoos.

Henrietta Campbell

Henrietta is an International Human Rights senior. Henrietta has five tattoos, with several revolving around gender identity.

Jahmad Wilburn

Jahmad Wilburn is a freshman in the Criminology department. He has two tattoos signifying his passion and his destiny.

Kasey Howard

Kasey Howard is a freshman in the Psychology department. Her one tattoo signifies her strong relationship with her grandfather.

Kathryn Weiss

Kathryn Weiss is an Audio Production and Psychology double major senior. Her only tattoo is an incredible portrait of her cat.

Kayla Dye

Kayla Dye is a Biology sophomore with one tattoo. That one tattoo is one of the most emotionally significant of the entire gallery.

Lana Dvorak

Lana Dvorak is an Acting junior in the Conservatory and she has nine tattoos ranging from poetry to the third eye.

Mackenzie Stewart

Mackenzie is a Game Design freshman at Webster. Her tattoo focuses on the will to persevere, regardless of the circumstances.

Malik Carter

Malik Carter is a Film Production freshman in the School of Communications. Malik's one tattoo is a straightforward concept on two popular terms.

Kevin Darnold

Kevin Darnold is a sophomore Video Production major with one tattoo. It may be small, but it holds a very simple, yet very important life reminder.

Molly Kinder

Molly Kinder is a Special Education freshman with two tattoos with significant biblical references.

Olivia Fitzgerald

Olivia Fitzgerald is a Script Writing sophomore with four tattoos. Several of her tattoos signify her deep admiration for a particular singer.

Patrick Ridusch

Patrick Ridusch is a freshman in Webster's Game Design program. Patrick immortalized his passion for particular elements of pop culture.

Randi Hammor

Randi Hammor is a Journalism senior in her last semester at Webster.

Riley Satonaer

Riley is an English sophomore with an emphasis on creative writing. Her only tattoo holds significant meaning in Hebrew.

Robin Wallace

Robin Wallace is a Lighting Design freshman in the Conservatory. She has a tattoo of the Little Dipper, but this ink isn't about constellations.

Sara Bannoura

Sara is a journalism and filmmaking junior. She is originally from Bethlehem, Palestine and has seen conflict and war throughout her life. Sara's tattoos remind her of the identity she has adopted and her inner strength.

Stephanie Turnipseed

Stephanie Turnipseed is a junior in the Biology department. She has 6 tattoos with broad individual meanings.

Tevin Evans

Tevin Evans is a Human Resources senior that also plays on the basketball team at Webster. Tevin's tattoos represent how basketball has impacted his life and to commemorate the loss of a loved one.


These Webster personalities requested anonymity during our photo shoot. Though they didn't want their names published, they still want the world to see their ink.

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