Twinning is Winning: Webster men’s soccer team introduces two sets of twins to its roster


The men’s soccer team has not one, but two sets of twins on the team – along with a third player whose twin cheers from the sidelines.

Few connections can emanate the inseparable bond between twins. This proves to be especially valuable when working together on a team, and men’s soccer is lucky enough to have two sets of twins and another player, Emir Muminovic, also has a twin who supports him from the sideline.

Twins Andy and Amar Mujezinovic, Nick and Noah Thomas, and Muminovic are all teammates this season. The collective experience of being twins aids not only in their ability to understand each other but the greater good of the team as well.

Amar played soccer at Webster last year, but he spent his freshman season without Andy. 

“It was really weird to be without him,” Amar said. “We were used to doing everything together, especially soccer. So although I was proud I had taken the initiative to go to my own school and do my own thing, it felt really odd.” 

He ended up not being by himself for long, though, because this year Andy transferred schools and was recruited to play by his side.

 “He just needed me there, you know?” Andy said jokingly. “No but really, we work much better together and it’s cool to be able to do that in a college setting.” 

Since the Mujezinovic twins have been able to be back with one another, they both feel their work ethic has increased. 

“We’re each other’s biggest critics,” Andy said. “We know each other’s limits and abilities, so if one of us isn’t playing our best we can nicely call each other out and work on it.” 

To this, Amar chimed in, “Or not nicely.” 

The Thomas twins had a different experience joining the soccer team, as they were recruited together their freshman year. They played soccer with each other all throughout high school as well, so they were ecstatic to continue the next chapter of their lives together. It was the sheer excitement of getting to follow a passion into college, but, by definition, double. There is an abundance of drive behind every dedicated athlete, and it’s an amazing feeling when that pays off. For the Thomas twins, it was even more notable how their hard work allowed them to enjoy that reward together. 

Muminovic does not get to play soccer with his twin Ajla. She is very supportive of him, however, and has gone to the majority of his soccer events over the years. Despite the fact that his twin is not part of the team, he still shares the insight of life as a twin with the other four of them. 

Being a twin is a unique situation — most of the time, when there isn’t five of them— and this inevitably brings all of the twins closer to each other. 

Muminovic also shares a Bosnian heritage with Andy and Amar. This is special for the three of them because they get to connect on a cultural basis too.

All five twins are adamant about how being a twin makes them more competitive. They’ve essentially been competing with their siblings all of their lives, so they can bring their competitive drive on the soccer field as well. And it’s evident that they have. 

Last spring, the men’s soccer team ended with a 12-1-1 record, nine shutouts, 49 goals scored and only five goals allowed. They also accomplished their first SLIAC regular-season title since 2014, and their first tournament title since 2012. This was with only three twins. 

Now with five, they hope to build on that success. So far, the team has gone 2-0 in preseason and 2-1 in non-conference play. 

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Danielle Essman