A trip to the polls: What makes this election so weird


Staff writer Gabrielle Hunter recounts her experience at the polls.

I went out to vote today. Even with all of the possible threats of white supremacists and people stopping us at the polls, for me at least, I encountered nothing. Poll people joked about voting for the right people to a political science major. It was his first time voting. Outside in the lines that same young man was being told how to cheat the system on a college application by putting down he’s a certain ethnicity other than white. How this young man could get an American-level education in certain areas then come back to X university for medicine. Never mind that truth matters.

That made me sick.

I didn’t see people trying to influence my vote. I saw cramped rooms without social distancing. They disinfected the tables after each person and you had your own pen to take with you. What caught my attention was the sign that said “By voting you take your own life into your hands with COVID-19.”

Ominous. Yes.

Not everyone takes the proper precautions. I saw people with their masks not over their noses.  Well, guess what boys and girls, masks have to be worn properly too. Otherwise, you’re spreading it. The aforementioned man had his bandana pulled down around his neck as he advised the younger man and his mother. “Stupid is as stupid does,” the old adage says.

Voting was different than expected. Never in our history have we dealt with this. And now, Americans turn their faces toward the screen wondering if we’ll be damned or saved.


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Gabrielle Hunter
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