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With the election coming to a close, make sure you have all the information if you’re casting your vote tomorrow.

Photo by Charlotte Renner.

The election ends tomorrow. If you’re wondering what your rights are, what’s on the ballot, how to get to your polling place, we have it all here for you.

Okay, so how do I vote?

  • Read Caleb Sprous’ “Voting in Missouri made accessible by mail-in, absentee ballots or in-person” here.
  • Prepare for long lines: bring a chair, dress warmly, bring a drink and stay in line! As long as you’re in line, they have to let you vote.
  • In Missouri, remember to have a valid form of ID. Find out more here.

Where’s my polling place?

Voters in St. Louis County are allowed to vote at any polling place near them as of Aug. 4, according to KSDK. Voters are still assigned to a polling place, which you can look up here but can go to any of the polling places shown on this map.

What other resources should I have?

  • If you need to report any voter suppression, use the election protection hotline (866-687-8683). According to vote.org, it is illegal for anyone to attempt to threaten you, coerce you to vote a certain way, intimidate you, give you inaccurate voting information or imitate an election official.
  • Find your sample ballot.
  • Research the issues!
    • Jenna Jones has a piece on Webster Groves’ ballot here
    • Use Ballotpedia or Vote411 to research your ballot
    • Brian Ostrander goes in-depth on Amendment 3 here
  • How do I get to the polls?
    • Lyft and Uber are offering low-cost rides on their apps. Lyft is “offering 50% off one ride up to $10 to any polling location” according to their website and Uber is “50% off roundtrip rides to and from the polls (up to $7 each trip).”  Uber automatically applies the discount when the address to the polling place is entered while Lyft requires you to enter the promo code “2020VOTE” in order to receive the discount.


Other resources: WebsterVOTES on Instagram and Webster U – Voting Matters on Instagram.

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