Webster helps band come together and play in local shows


Webster University student Aden Biggs credits the success of his musical career to the university. On Feb. 14, Biggs performed with the band Hazel Avenue, a group of five Webster students. Hazel Avenue is made up of members Noah Lovins, Grace Robertson, Keshon Duke, Aden Biggs, and Ben Schafer. Through the support of faculty and peers, the members of the band are already booking gigs and performing outside of the classroom.

“I credit Webster with basically starting my career,” Biggs said.

The university offers a variety of degrees in the music field. This gives students the opportunity to explore their interests and find a path that suits their musical style. For the band Hazel Avenue, they found their niche in the form of a jazz combination cover band.

“I’m really happy and lucky to be getting a lot of gigs and that’s all through like connections I’ve made at Webster,” Biggs said.

Keshon Duke, the bassist, says that he appreciates the connections he has made beyond the professional level. One of the things he loves most is the support he has received from his friends at Webster.

“Supporting others shows like how much you really care,” Duke said. “To get that same, feeling in return is like the best thing ever.”

The band members want to encourage more Webster students to attend their shows. Lovins, the group’s saxophone player, puts an emphasis on supporting local music.

“[I] one hundred percent encourage webster students to come out to our shows, to come out to my other band’s shows, to come out to any local bands show,” Lovins said.

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