Tabletop Role-playing Game Club to start podcast


The Tabletop Role-playing Game Club has gained new members and is now eyeing a spot on Webster’s campus radio.

By: Tanner Boyd

Webster Freshman Jacob Harshaw formed the Tabletop Role-Playing Game (TTRPG) club last semester to give people a chance to play their favorite role-playing games. Initially, the club’s main attraction was Dungeons & Dragons, a popular fantasy game where players control characters in a world narrated by a Dungeon Master (DM).

“It’s basically Skyrim but on a tabletop setting. It is a game where you sit down with a group of friends and go through a story that a DM has prepared, and run through a bunch of adventures,” Harshaw said. “Hilarity might ensue.”

The TTRPG club has since swelled in size, and with the growing popularity, Harshaw has decided to turn the club into a podcast streamed on Webster’s own Galaxy Radio.

Once the podcast begins, the club will branch out to other games suggested by its members. The first game they will play live is Paranoia, a science fiction game with a light-hearted, yet dystopian setting. Sophomore Andrew Welsh was a Dungeons & Dragons DM for the club and will now get the chance to be a player.

“We think that’s going to be a really great opportunity for us to learn the new system while broadcasting a fun story to the rest of the community,” Welsh said.

Harshaw intends for the show to start pre-recorded, before switching over to a live format.

“I know our first session is going to be recorded initially because we need test footage before we officially get live clearance,” Harshaw said.

Tabletop Role-playing Game Club to start podcast
The Tabletop Role-playing Game Club meets to practice on Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2020. Photo by Phuong Bui

Despite the anticipated move, the club will not be switching entirely to Galaxy Radio. They have opted to only play some shows on the radio. Students can meet up with the club during their regular meetings. The club meets every Wednesday and Thursday at 7 p.m. New players are welcomed, experienced or not, to sit in on sessions. For those unable to attend or to listen to the Galaxy, Harshaw plans to upload the recorded sessions onto a website.

“If you really want to listen to the sessions, feel free to come to one of the Wednesday and Thursday meets. You can sit down, relax and talk to us live, or you can play as well if you’re interested,” Harshaw said.

Harshaw and the TTRPG club will host an open session in March where people are given pre-generated characters and can start playing immediately.

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