Exciting things to come in SGA


Written by Zoe Burton, Vice President of SGA

The amount of excitement dwelling inside me is almost uncontainable. We have a lot to look forward to y’all because the Student Government Association has a lot in store this semester. In the midst of some tension and resignations, there is still hope and great drive within SGA to accomplish more within their given positions this time around. Everyone in SGA has been making great progress on each of their Delegates Agenda committees and after the first working session of the spring semester, great things can be expected to come as a whole.

Currently under works is the Gorlok Glow spring kickoff party. SGA plans on hosting the event in the University Center and using it as an opportunity to get to know more students. The official date is still to be determined. The president of SGA is also still working with his App Committee to find new ways to improve the Webster University mobile app.

In other news, be on the lookout for Best Student Organization Involved page. SGA has created a competition that will allow the top three best involved at Webster pages to win a prize, which will be announced later in the term with more stipulations and guidelines. SGA is also putting out a student survey to get opinions about potential activities or projects that would be preferred in some spots on campus, such potentially turning the volleyball sand pit into an outdoor basketball court. None of the answers received get will guarantee changes, but it does help SGA develop ideas to work towards.

Last semester was a challenge internally for SGA, but this one started off with the SGA president going around the table and asking each member for input about potential developments. If that doesn’t scream progress, nothing else will. A team with a vision of unity can bring about a lot of great things, let’s hope that’s what SGA strives for.

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