Webster adds gender-neutral restrooms on campus


Walking the halls of the Sverdrup building, returning students may have noticed something new on the bathroom doors.

Signs that used to read “family restroom” have been replaced with new signs that read “all-gender restroom.”

The relabeling of the restrooms follows a request made at the Delegates’ Agenda by the LGBTQ Alliance for gender-neutral restrooms throughout campus, LGBTQ Alliance President Josh Tyler said.

“It’s what we can do with Sverdrup, because it’s an old building,” Tyler said. “We do want to improve the restroom situation throughout campus; talking about the new [Interdisciplinary Science Building] and how that will probably have gender-neutral bathrooms.”

Tyler said the inclusion of all-gender restrooms helps Webster University become more of a truly inclusive campus.

“It shows that we are actually working on the buildings having facilities for people who may not fit into those two genders,” Tyler said.

Check back with The Journal for continuing coverage of all-gender restroom installations on campus.

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