SPICE wins Final Four Championship for sixth time in a row


Webster University’s chess team won the Final Four Championship April 3 for the fourth consecutive time. The team finished with an 8.5 standing to win the tournament over four other universities.

Susan Polgar’s Institute for Chess Excellence (SPICE) headed to New York March 31 to compete for the team’s sixth consecutive Final Four Championship and fourth consecutive championship as Webster’s chess team. The team consisted of Grand Masters Liem Le, Ray Robson, Illya Nyzhnyk, Aleksandr Shimanov, Vasif Durarbyli and Fidel Corrales Jimenez.

Webster defended their title against University of Texas Rio Grande, Texas Tech and Columbia University’s chess teams.

Final Standings

  1. Webster Uniersity: 8.5
  2. University of Texas Rio Grande: 7.5
  3. Texas Tech: 5.5
  4. Columbia University: 2.5

SPICE qualified for the final four after tying for first place in the PanAm Intercollegiate Chess Championship in December.

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