Talking green issues over coffee


Webster University Sustainability Coordinator Kelsey Wingo said that “going green” is not always easy.

Wingo created a space where students, faculty and staff talk about the environmental issues going on in the world. It is called “Green Talks and Coffee” and is held every Thursday at 3 p.m. in Marletto’s Marketplace.

“This seems like a good way for me to also familiarize myself with the campus,” Wingo said. “I’ve picked Marletto’s because it’s kind of a space where everyone walks through.”

Topics discussed include issues of the Flint water crisis and the plastic water bottles going there. Other issues such as environmental justice and how it deals with gender issues have also been addressed.

“Issues of environmentalism and sustainability, no one has all the answers, and also I’m not sure anyone even knows the scope of all the problems that are happening,” Wingo said.

Wingo is putting together a panel with Andrea Miller, faculty member of the Human Rights Institute, that discusses the status of water quality and how getting water is becoming a resource issue.

“There’s this disconnect how we interact with the natural world,” Wingo said. “It’s given us so much; that relationship really needs to be renewed and we need to step back and take a little more perspective about what we are doing and how much of an impact it’s having and how it’s not fair anymore.”

Wingo said Webster uses single-stream recycling, which means many different items can go together and can come out of the landfill. Most offices and classrooms have blue bins accessible.

“It’s just a chance for people to approach me and talk to me about what they think is a priority or should be a priority on campus, what’s a priority to them and their personal experiences,” Wingo said.

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