Webster SGA clarifies process to remove officers


Senior Vasif Durarbayli was sworn in as the new president of the Student Government Association (SGA) at the open meeting May 2. Durarbayli said clarifications made at the meeting seemed to imply that SGA is preparing for “potential impeachment.”

The fall semester will be Durarbayli’s first semester on SGA. He is also a grandmaster on the Webster chess team. In the final meeting of the semester, the constitutional committee discussed policy updates and clarifications to the constitution. One of the clarifications was on the process for the removal of officers.

The meeting clarified that officers can be removed, and a new article was added to the constitution. SGA College of Arts and Sciences Senator Andrew Young said there was a new article added during the meeting that focused on the process of removing a member of SGA who did not comply with his or her duties. This includes senators, members of the executive board, the vice president and the president.

SGA President Caroline Wiley said if an SGA member or any member of the student body has any reason to believe that the president is no longer fit to do the job or is doing the job inappropriately or contrary to the constitution, they can bring this up with a current student government member or go directly to the advisor of SGA and or the dean of students.

“This is certainly not a response to the recent election, it is simply something that has been in the works since last semester,” Wiley said.

Wiley said this process simply alleviates the pressure on other members of the student government as well as the student body and redirects any difficult decision to the parties that are better suited to handle it. She said removal of officers is a section that has been in the constitution since its inception.

However, Durarbayli said he sees the clarification as a major change. He also said he believes SGA presented these changes as no big deal.

“Making such radical changes towards the president position is ridiculous, and it seems like [they] are preparing for potential impeachment,” Durarbayli said.

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