Webster re-elects Wiley as SGA president


Webster University’s student government president C. Wiley has been elected to a second term.

The other candidates elected to the executive board include Heather Hamilton as Vice President, Kalani Seaver in the new position of Ambassador of Student Inclusion, Angela Meng as Comptroller, Scott Lunte as Sergeant at Arms, and Natalie Meyer as Student Organization Liaison. This will be Meng and Meyer’s second year in their positions as well.

SGA announced the results of their spring semester vote online April 15. Turnout for the election came to a total of 219 votes.

Most incumbents ran unopposed for positions.

In the contested elections, Hannah Price and Kyle Anderson were elected as senators representing the College of Fine Arts, as well as  Andrew Young and Brenda Tinnemeyer for the College of Arts and Sciences.

Two positions, the senators for the School of Education and the George Herbert Walker School of Business, did not receive any formal candidate announcements, but one seat in each school was filled by write-in candidates who received a small number of votes.

The School of Education will be represented by Megan Roedner and the School of Business by Megan Price. Roedner received three votes and Price received nine. A write-in candidate running for a position with no formal applicants only requires a minimum of three votes to win, according to current senator Erin Rassmussen.

Dina Sallam and Jenniqual Johnson will be the graduate senators, and Katharine Bush and Daniel von Seckendorff will represent the School of Communications.


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