Webster adjuncts officially file to hold union vote

Photo contribution by Adjunct Action STL


The Webster University adjuncts have filed to vote for a union.

The Webster University Adjunct Organizing Committee filed for a vote to unionize on March 28 with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). The NLRB is an independent federal agency that protects the employees’ right to organize and determines whether or not unions are their best representative.

In order to file a vote with the NLRB, the Webster adjuncts are required to demonstrate that 30 percent of current adjuncts support having a union election. Webster adjuncts in support of election signed a union authorization card.

According to Terri Reilly, who spoke to The Journal as a member of the Webster University Adjunct Organizing Committee, the Webster adjuncts received “overwhelming support.”

“We are working along our same goal of making the university a better place for adjuncts to teach. We fairly believe that (a union) is going to improve overall the educational experience of those students,” Reilly said.

The adjuncts will be voting whether or not the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) will be their union representative.

Webster University Provost Julian Schuster sent out a message to Webster adjuncts on March 30.

“In the days ahead, the University will work with the NLRB to ensure all of the Adjunct Faculty affected will have an opportunity to vote, and that they are fully informed regarding the details of any future election and the facts surrounding unionization before the vote. At this time it is not known who might ultimately be eligible to vote or when such a vote might occur,” Schuster wrote in his message.

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