Ordinance’s future concerns WU


The Webster Groves city council unanimously passed ordinance 8854 at the Feb. 17 council meeting.

The newly passed bill lays out the general requirements that all zoning districts must abide by.

At the previous meeting, the city council removed a 35 percent lease cap and mandates to create individual site plans for each lease, both of which were concerns to Webster University and Eden Theological Seminary.

Patrick Giblin, Webster’s director of public relations, said concerns remain about how the ordinance could affect Webster in the future. He said if new members are voted into Webster Groves city council, they might interpret the language of the ordinance differently.

“I think (the university still has) the overall concerns of how this ordinance could be implemented in the future,” Giblin said.

After the Feb. 2 meeting, Tracie Pupillo, a lawyer for Webster University, said the ordinance’s language is general and expected to be applied to specific situations.

“At the end of the day, it is all going to come down to how these provisions are implemented and applied,” Pupillo said.

Giblin said for now, the university will move forward with projects already approved by the current city council. Those projects include the construction of the Interdisciplinary Science Building and the electronic substation.

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