Editorial: Furthering the discussion on sexual assault


Sexual assault, both on and off campus, has become the elephant in the room. Or at least it was. But leaders at all levels of our society have taken a step to fight this enormous problem.

President Barack Obama and the White House furthered the discussion by creating the Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault. Missouri’s own Sen. Claire McCaskill sponsored a bill in the U.S. Senate to fight campus sexual assault and create stricter guidelines for universities to follow.

But most importantly, the conversation has gained serious traction here at Webster University thanks to student leaders and the delegates of the student-run Delegates Agenda.

This semester students stepped up to make sexual assault a key issue that they would like to see addressed by presenting their concerns to the administration.

The first step to addressing a problem is recognizing it, and our student leaders have done that. Now The Journal would like to do its part.

Media organizations, especially college media, have always struggled when covering the issue of sexual assault. 

So much information is withheld for the best interest of the victim. And with a lack of reliable information comes a lack of reporting.

But The Journal will strive over the next year to cover the issue as the discussion moves forward in our government and on Webster’s campus. 

This is a problem that will never go away completely. But we hope that with this open discussion, Webster can begin to turn the tide.

If you want to help further the discussion on sexual assault, you can send The Journal letters to the editor or opinion pieces at websterjournal@gmail.com.

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