Webster Groves Plan Commission votes to extend public hearing


Webster Groves Plan Commission voted unanimously on Aug. 19 to hold another public hearing on amendments to the already proposed zoning changes. That hearing will be held on Sept. 2 at 7:30 p.m. Webster Groves Mayor Gerry Welch said another discussion of the changes would give residents more time to further understand the zoning changes. 

The Plan Commission held a public hearing to read the zoning district regulations that would divide up Eden Seminary’s property as well as Webster University’s property, based on student population. The zoning proposal would interfere with Webster University’s use of Eden’s property.

Before the floor was open to the public for comments, Director of Planning and Development Mara Perry gave a presentation covering the proposed amendment changes, approved by the Plan Commission on July 15.

The presentation also included a brief overview of the history of the property zones for Nerinx Hall High School, Webster University, Edgewood Children’s Center and Epworth Children and Family services, and how they have expanded over time.

When the presentation ended, the public comments were mixed among Webster Groves residents both in favor of, and in opposition to the zoning proposal. Those who did not show support for either side urged the two sides to work together and come up with a decision that worked out for the residents as well as the University and Seminary.

Among those who called out for a working relationship between the city, Webster and Eden, was Webster Groves resident Jack Pirozzi. Pirozzi quoted Oscar-winning actress Greer Garson to voice his disappointment in the lack of a willing partnership between the two sides.

“Change is optional, progress is not,” Pirozzi said.  


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