Webster exploring different versions of payroll services with ADP


Webster University is exploring a different format of the My Webster Automatic Data Processing (ADP) payroll system in order to quell issues caused by the current version of the service.

Student Government Association (SGA) held an open forum for students to ask questions about persisting issues with Webster’s new payment system My Webster. Members of the My Webster development team answered students’ questions and gave a brief presentation on common issues.

In a January interview, Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer Kenneth Freeman told The Journal the ADP system uses a older version of Java, a programming language. The university has worked to make it so that campus computers use an upgraded version of Java, compatible with ADP’s version. The ADP service is used for creating logins, managing accounts and logging work hours, and it will not work without a specific version of Java.

SGA President Katie Maxwell asked the panel about the HTML version of ADP, and if it was something the university had considered.

Director of Compensation and Benefits for Human Resources Cheryl Fritz said Java offered the university deeper functionality than the HTML version. The Java version is specific to Webster, while the HTML version is a standard version of the system. Fritz said, looking back, the question must be asked if the functionality was worth the issues users have encountered.

Director of Process Improvement Kenneth Creehan said the university has considered the HTML version but will not rush into using it. He said current issues need to be remedied before exploring the possibility of an HTML version.

“It’s been thought about, and that’s as far as it goes,” Creehan said. “Before we would automatically jump into it, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done. We’re exploring it with ADP right now, but something in the near horizon? I would think not.”

The university launched the Automatic Data Processing Inc. (ADP) digital payroll and human resources service on Jan. 1. Issues concerning software compatibility, delayed and incorrect payment, and other issues.

Creehan said the ADP system is Webster’s way of creating university-wide consistency in payroll,. He said the system is a way to provide students with a self-service that puts employees’ hours into their own hands.

Student supervisor for the Fitness Center Zeke Spellazza said My Webster has been helpful for him. He said it helps him manage his clocked hours on campus, where the old system often left him struggling with time management.

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