City Plan Commission postpones discussion and voting on proposed zoning


The Webster Groves City Plan Commission voted unanimously to postpone public comments or voting on further changes to proposed educational zoning, which could affect Webster University’s expansion plans.

Webster Groves Director of Planning and Development Mara Perry said the city was working with Webster University and Eden Theological Seminary and other concerned parties on the proposed zoning. She recommended the commission postpone public comments and voting until its April 2 meeting.

“We would like additional time to bring you a potential new draft at the next meeting, based on feedback and comments we have received,” Perry said.

If passed, the proposed zoning changes could put Eden and the university in different educational zones, preventing them from sharing property. Webster University’s 2012 Master Plan mentions use of property on Eden’s campus. Webster University bought three buildings on Eden’s campus in 2010.

In August 2013 city voted down a request for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) that sought to allow the university use of Eden’s Luhr Library and Wehrli House and clearance to demolish Eden’s White House.

Eden would be placed in a district that includes educational facilities with less than and limited to 500 students, while the university would be placed in a district with more than 500.

Webster Groves City Attorney Helmut Starr said there was a possibility the new amendments would not be ready by April 2 meeting.

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