December 3, 2020

Candidate Q&A: Senatorial Candidate Matthew Peroscino

Matthew Peroscino

Reporting by Sheren Khalel

Q: What do you view your role as a senator to be?
A: “From what I understand, I feel like my role as a senator will be backing other people’s ideas. I will probably be more of a support guy than actually thinking of ideas. More trying to do everything I can to help other people get their ideas supported.”

Q: What goal have you set if you win?
A: “There is not one specific goal, as long as I can move what we do here at Webster in the right direction or make it better, that would be my over all goal. Not one specific thing, but overall a better campus.”

Q: What are some strengths and weaknesses of the SGA in the past, and how would you help?
A: “This is my first encounter with SGA. I’ve never been involved with anything SGA. I have no negative things to say about it. I think they have done there part very well in making things here run smoothly.”

“Everybody I think knows what SGA is, but exactly what they do and how the work not so much. Like I didn’t know they had two senators for each school, until yesterday. So probably just making a better awareness of what they actually do and how they function.”

Q: Why should students vote for you?
A: “I’m not really one to boast. But, I am a very open book and I’m a very open minded person. I’m open to all different kinds of views and suggestions. I don’t judge one thing myself, I wait to hear other perspective before I make a rue judgment a call on weather sometime is good or bad.”

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