November 29, 2020

Candidate Q&A: Senatorial Candidate Gareth Anderson

Gareth Anderson

Reporting by Sheren Khalel

Q: What do you view your role as a senator to be?
A: “I’m a part of the Military. So I’ve noticed we have a large military population on campus, but we don’t have much representation. I’m also Webster’s only ROTC Cadet. There are scholarships that can be offered up to Webster students, which aren’t used because they’re not really aware. There a couple flyer around school but that’s about it. I think there’s a giant bit of Webster that is not really being focused on as much.”

Q: What goal have you set if you win?
A: “What I’ve talked about with some of the other guys who are military or ex-military, is that there are one or two association, the veterans association, which is not a very large community, even though it makes up a very large proportion of Webster campuses. There are lots of Webster campus on military bases all around the states. There are also guys coming from Scott Air force base from across the river to get their business degrees and stuff like that. So information for them, ways for them to use their military benefits.”

Q: What are some strengths and weaknesses of the SGA in the past, and how would you help?
A: “I think SGA over the past few year has been sort of a force that is building up. It’s become a bigger, more powerful entity which can do what I think it needs to do now.”

Q: Why should students vote for you?
A: “I didn’t grow up in the states, so I feel like I have the international student edge that can provide a fresh look on things. At the same time I’ve got a decent amount of leadership experience through the military, so I can help other people along their way with their leadership skills as well. “

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