Residents see a way around court: Marilynne Bradley


Three buildings sit vacant on the Eden Seminary property.  At one time, the Luhr Library was crowded with students and was even used jointly by Webster University students until its new library was constructed. The other two buildings were used by administration without complaint, but currently sit vacant since Eden is no longer as active. Vacant areas deteriorate without use and could end up looking like an empty downtown city lot.

Why can’t Webster University continue to use the buildings as a learning center?  That is the university’s plan.  High-rise buildings are not going to be constructed and the green space is going to be kept. In fact more green space will be added. The buildings are not going to be used for classrooms, but for technology offices and an alumni center.  The proposed plan adhered to the city’s zoning code requirements. The activity would remain the same as when Eden was in its glory.

It seems like a waste of money to sue for a simple solution: let Webster use the buildings.


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