Student success can’t be measured by parents’ education


An article in The Chronicle of Higher Education said a parent’s education level is a weak indicator of a student’s success.
The article said, “Students whose parents earned baccalaureate degrees were least likely to engage in deep learning.”

A study conducted by Research Analyst for the Indiana University Center for Postsecondary Research, Amy K. Ribera said a parent’s level of education does not directly influence whether students demonstrate behaviors associated with deep learning.

The study also states students whose parents hold baccalaureate degrees perform weaker academically than students whose parents hold advanced degrees, did not complete college or did not attend college; overall the study indicated the differences between those students were not significant.

Ribera said her reasoning stems from suspicion that “students who are concerned with securing a job tend to gravitate toward majors that are close to the market or have higher potential earning.”

She also believes students who have interest in higher education and plan to acquire a decent job after graduation will be more motivated to engage in deep learning.

—Reporting by Olivia Heibeck.

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