Coach of the Year for 2012-2013: Marty Todt


Through 25 years as head coach of the Webster University men’s soccer team, Marty Todt compiled a 230-189-50 record. In 2012, Todt helped lead the Gorloks to their fifth NCAA Division III tournament appearance — and second in four years — in program history. Todt said this past season was tough, as Webster took on nationally ranked opponents en route to its fifth St. Louis Intercollegiate Athletic Conference tournament title.

For his encore, Todt stepped aside. Todt and Michael Siener swapped roles in November 2012, making Siener the new head coach and Todt the associate head coach. Todt said it’s great year after year to see “28 (soccer players), blue-collar guys who work their ever-loving butts off every freaking day” on the field.

“If we come out here and we put our best effort forth every single day, then at the end of the day, whether we win or lose, there’s closure there,” Todt said. “It was really an awesome experience — an inspiring experience for a coaching staff — to be able to sit back and see that develop and come to fruition.”

Siener, who played and coached under Todt, said he sees Todt as a father figure to the players and saw Todt in the same light when he wore a Gorlok uniform.

“He’s a great, great person — a good coach but also a great guy,” Siener said. “What I take from him most is him as a person, how he connects with his kids. … He’s always been somebody to talk to if you need anything. That’s how I felt playing for him.”

Webster went 12-6-2 in 2012, including a 6-1-1 SLIAC mark. Todt said part of the team’s success can be credited to the team’s senior leadership. Thirteen seniors were on the 2012 roster.

“When we talk to great length about how it’s all about team, it’s not about individuals — and you’ve got some captains who have the character and the integrity of a Josh Sellmeyer and a Kyle Leonard and a Shea Vogt and a Clint Carder — they start to see by example of these captains. That segues into the group of seniors,” Todt said.  “It was an awesome group of seniors.”

As Siener transitions to his new duty as men’s soccer head coach, he said Todt’s willingness to share duties with Siener was important to him.

“There are a lot of head coaches that wouldn’t want someone to do all those things,” Siener said. “(Todt)’s a pretty selfless guy. I don’t think he cares about the championships or anything like that. He cares about the relationship he builds with kids.

“He’s going to be just an extremely valuable tool to have around. Having an assistant with that much experience, I don’t think you’ll find that anywhere. He’s been through it all. He’s going to be as important to the program as he’s always been.”

Even as the newest assistant coach, Todt can’t wait until the Gorloks’ first game in 2013.

“Just talking to (The Journal) this little bit here, my adrenaline starts flowing already because I just love it,” Todt said. “Coming off a season like last year — a great group of guys just putting it all together and busting their butt for each other — I’m ready to start right now.”

Runner-up: Bill Kurich, baseball

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