Feminism Collective snap shot students’ opinions on feminism

Webster University students gathered on The Quad on April 25 to express their views on feminism. The Webster Feminist Collective hosted the event. PHOTO COURTESY MAGGIE HAKE



Michelle Bloyd-Fink, sophomore sociology and women studies major, grew up reading fairytales where the male was always the hero. She said she yearned to read about a female hero who would be assertive and strong.

“I need feminism because in my fairytale I don’t need to be rescued. I’m the hero,” Bloyd-Fink wrote on a dry erase board.

Students wrote on dry erase boards what “feminism” meant to them during the Webster University Feminist Collective’s event, Feminism Is on April 25.

Fifty-five students held the dry erase board with their Feminism Is statements and took a photo. Feminist Collective President Maggie Hake said the group’s main goal is to show that feminism can apply to every person’s life.

“Events like this with a good turnout empower people,” Hake said. “It shows that feminism is something that everyone can identify with.”

Students who attended a feminist theory course in the fall created the Feminist Collective and make up its executive board. Bloyd-Fink said the course inspired the development of the Feminist Collective and therefore, the Feminism Is event.

“The class brought to light issues that we feel inside but we didn’t have anybody to talk to about it,” said Bloyd-Fink. “We’re not the only ones who feel this way, that recognize the need for feminism and we just wanted to bring that to campus.”

Feminist Collective organization plans to host a Female Sexuality event. The event will be a concert to raise money for Planned Parenthood during the fall semester.

For more information on the Feminist Collective go to its Facebook page.

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