October 25, 2020

Nerds’ Nest: ‘Community’ writers catch senioritis

It’s the study group’s final year at Greendale and rather than going out with a bang, it seems we might face a pitiful end to NBC’s once smart and witty comedy, “Community.”

Troy and Abed GRA-DU-A-TION!

There are two parts to being a true “Community” fan. One, you watch the show. Two, you then analyze every bit of news concerning upcoming episodes, changes in the cast and crew and previews. And for those who abide by both, you know that this is the first, and probably last, season without creator Dan Harmon.

And the loss of Harmon, due to his unjust firing by Sony Entertainment, is showing in the first three episodes of the season. Simply put, it has lost its wit. “Community” was always the nerd counter to shows like the “Big Bang Theory.” It didn’t rely on making fun of nerds to make you laugh, you laughed with them.

But with Harmon gone, the show’s wit and creativity appears to be lost, along with much of its original writing staff. Once smartly-written characters have been reduced to sitcom tropes.

Troy and Abed, everyone’s favorite bromance since JD and Turk from Scrubs, have lost their subtle pop culture references and fast dialogue. In its places we have the usual jealous couple story arc we see in every other sitcom.

Why is this important when “Community” fans have three great seasons to look back on? Because the final season of a show matters. When the final season(s) of a great show don’t live up to its former glory, it is remembered for the downfall. It’s something I like to call “Heroes” syndrome.

“Heroes” was a show that ran on NBC not too long ago. It had a great first season and a pretty good second. But it was all for nothing when the third and fourth season ruined everyone’s perception of the show. Now when “Heroes” is brought up, it is almost always to make fun of the final seasons. Final seasons are important.

As I made this same argument sitting with my friends at lunch, I was reminded of one thing that gives me hope. “Community” has always had subpar season openings. Even my favorite season (Season 3) started out weak but came to fruition in the third episode, Remedial Chaos Theory.

What scares me the most, though, is that regardless of the outcry of “Community” fans, nothing is going to change. “Community” has always been in touch with its fanbase. But this final season has already finished filming. That means that what they have is what we get.

Whatever it is, let’s hope that redemption is upon us this Thursday at 7 p.m. as “Community” airs its re-envisioning of World War II on the Greendale campus.

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