UPDATE: Officers’ Summit: Webster smart phone app most popular with leaders


Applause, snapping and cheers broke out twice at the Officers’ Summit on Friday, Feb. 1 in the Sunnen Lounge. First when a student suggested a Webster University smartphone application. And the second was when the Webster app made the list of five issues for Delegates’ Agenda with 41 out of 52 votes.

The Officers’ Summit is held every semester and gives student leaders a chance to voice problems or improvements they would like to see presented at the Delegates’ Agenda. The Delegates’ Agenda is a platform where students present Webster administrators with the top-five issues voted on at the Officer’s Summit.

Carolina Dueñas suggested student leaders request the administration create a Webster University app at Officers’ Summit on Feb. 1 in Sunnen Lounge. Dueñas works for Campus Activities. PHOTO BY DAN DUNCAN

Carolina Dueñas, campus activities program manager, is already working on a mock-up of a smartphone app for the University Center. Dueñas has been advocating a Webster app for some time now, and is excited it could finally be coming to fruition.

Dueñas, who is set to graduate this spring, said she isn’t leaving until Webster gets an app.

“Now basically everybody has a smartphone,” Dueñas said. “If you can get notifications for all the events they’re having on campus, or if you just want to know what’s going on with Webster, it’s there. It’s a helpful way to keep in contact 24/7.”

University of Missouri-St. Louis, Missouri State University, Lindenwood University, St. Louis University and University of Missouri- Columbia already have apps. The University of Missouri-Columbia even has separate apps for some of its different schools and sports teams.

Dueñas said she’d like the Webster app to have access to Connections, a call directory, and The Journal, but nothing is set in stone yet.

The five issues The Officer’s Summit voted on to bring to The Delegates’ Agenda are as follows:

—Procuring a Webster app.

—Increasing lighting and safety measures around Webster. 

—Enhancing the natural spaces on campus.

—Creating a system that would allow students to charge textbooks to their     Webster account. 

—Introducing a December graduation ceremony.

Tayler Kinner, Webster University dance club member, said she was relieved the Delegates’ Agenda would address campus safety. Kinner said someone smashed the large center panel of Webster’s dance studio on Thursday, Jan. 31.

“To some people it’s not a big deal, but it would be like someone coming into one of those very expensive computer labs and smashing a monitor,” Kinner said.

Kinner said two dancers presented the issue of building security at the Delegates’ Agenda last year but it was not one of the top issues the administration decided to take action on.

“There have been times when I’ve felt uneasy practicing at 3 o’clock in the morning, but what can I do? I have to get my stuff done,” Kinner said, “It’s a little unsettling.”

The Delegates’ Agenda will be held Feb. 21 and responses from the administration will be announced March 21.

Editor’s Note: Carolina Duenas is a photographer for The Journal.

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