Webster Groves model ranks among the top in the world


Karlie Kloss, a 2011 Webster Groves High School graduate, is the second-most coveted supermodel in the world according to Models.com.

Spotted at a charity fashion show for WGHS, the 20-year-old Kloss began her rise to superstardom the summer of 2007, when she signed with Elite Model Management. Today, she lives and works in New York and travels to model all over the world.

Since her first editorial for Teen Vogue in 2007, Kloss’s credentials have given her a status.

Last November, she walked the runway for Victoria’s Secret annual fashion show, which aired on CBS and attracted over nine million viewers in 2010. In former years, Kloss opened and closed shows for designers such as Marc Jacobs and Jason Wu, was on the cover and was featured in Italian Vogue and was the face of Hermès and Christian Dior.

“You name it, I’ve probably been there or will be there,” Kloss said. “I’ve been very fortunate.”

Those who have worked with Kloss speak about her modest disposition.

In an interview with Vogue, Jason Wu — whom Kloss cites as one of her favorite designers — described Kloss as “a rare balance of beauty and personality.”

“She’s so personal, everybody loved having her around,” said Dr. Jon Clark, principal of WGHS.  “Of course it’s her looks, but the reason she’s as successful as she is because she’s so genuine.”

Her sister, Kristine Kloss, believes “it is Karlie’s sincerity, work ethic and Midwestern charm that has allowed her to rise to this level in her career. She truly has an energy about her, on and off the camera, and people love that about her.”

Karlie Kloss is not only well known for her personality, but for her home-baked cookies, which she often brings to share at photo shoots or fittings.

“When she was (attending WGHS), she was always known for bringing her teachers cookies,” Clark said.

Clark also spoke of Karlie Kloss’s ability to “be like everybody else, just another student.”

When WGHS students traveled to New York for a marketing trip, Karlie Kloss stopped by with cookies just to talk.

“(She and the students) were all hanging out together,” Clark said. “She just cares about others and I think that’s a key part of her success.

“Once, a student came up to me and said, ‘Dr. Clark! You know Karlie? She’s a supermodel,’ and I laughed and said, ‘Nah, that’s just Karlie.’ When she was able to be at WGHS, she was a student. She was so humble; she was just herself.”

Though her job takes her all over the world, Karlie Kloss is planning on furthering her education “at the right time.”

“When I can give the time and dedication that school requires, it’s something I 100 percent plan on doing,” Karlie Kloss said. “I love to learn.

Right now, I’m lucky enough to travel and see the world, which in itself is an education.”

Karlie Kloss is still figuring out what she wants to pursue off the runway, finding herself interested in both medical and culinary school.

“None of us ever expected to see Karlie in this profession,” Kristine Kloss said. “We all thought she would be a school teacher or pediatrician, and one day I think she will continue to pursue those dreams.”

Though her profession takes her to Milan, Paris and London, Karlie Kloss still remains a normal college-age kid. She cites St. Louis Bread Company and Imo’s Pizza as two of her favorite places to eat when she’s in St. Louis, and refers to her cellphone as her ‘can’t-live-without’ item. Karlie Kloss even went to prom with one of her best friends since kindergarten.

“I feel lucky that with Dr. Clark and Webster’s help I was able to be with my friends and go to prom and have that normal high school experience,” Kloss said. “St. Louis will always be a big part of who I am.”

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