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Illustrations by Victoria Courtney, Video by Gabe Burns


VIDEO CORRECTION: Ordinance 8754 addressed all the vendors except Webster University. Ordinance 8753 addressed the 4.3 acres of academic space the university currently has under agreement with Eden.

Ordinance 8753, which outlines the master plan and possible sale or lease of property at Eden Theological Seminary, is on Webster Groves City Council’s agenda for Tuesday, Sept. 4.  Ordinances must be read three times at public city council meetings before they are brought to a vote. Eden President David Greenhaw presented Eden’s 2012 master plan at the June 5 public hearing.

Eden’s master plan includes three phases:

— Renovations to three buildings on its campus (Schultz Hall, Press Educational Center and West Hall)

—The move of student housing to the historic quad area by 2017

—The sale or lease of 11.8 acres of “underutilized,” land to ten vendors (including Webster University)

City Council postponed the reading of the ordinance and closing of the public hearing three times throughout the summer. City Council completed successful 1st and 2nd readings at the regular city council meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 21. Since the June 5 public hearing, the ordinance has been amended to accept Phases I and II of Eden’s master plan while adding restrictions to Phase III.

City Council will meet at City Hall for the third and final reading Sept. 4 at 7:30 pm. Follow @WebsterJournal for live coverage during the meeting.

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