WOW hosts annual hot wing eating contest



Dylan Schnitker, sophomore film production major, counts the number of wings he’s eaten during WOW’s annual hot wing eating contest March 22 in the UC. PHOTO BY MAX BOUVATTE

The World of Wings (WOW) held its annual hot wing eating contest at 6 p.m. March 22 in Webster’s University Center. The contest had 17 participants — 15 men and 2 women — and also drew a crowd of onlookers.

“We try to do a wing eating contest annually to promote WOW and the food eating area,” WOW manager Sheila Stiles said.

Contestants had to eat as many wings as they could in six minutes.

Junior Anthony Boyajian scarfed down 27 wings in the six minutes and took home the first place prize — a $100 Best Buy giftcard. Three other contestants ate 20 wings each. Two of the three were not originally signed up for the contest, so they tied for third place. Each received a $25 Best Buy gift card. Second place went to the contestant of the three tied contestants who was originally signed up. He received a $50 Best Buy gift card.

Boyajian had a strategy going into the contest.

“I figured if I kept my head down and didn’t say anything, I would just keep eating and everybody else would be busy talking and trying to strategize with other people,” Boyajian said.

When the contest began, Boyajian had a specific way of eating the wings.

“I tried to eat the little drum wings instead of the actual wings first because they were easier to eat,” Boyajian said. “So, I ate all those first and started going after the other ones after that.”

Boyajian’s 27 wings was still five shy of the 32 eaten by last year’s winner.

Boyajian wasn’t among the 20 originally signed up for the contest, but decided to join when a number of contestants didn’t show up.

“I had a pretty big lunch,” Boyajian said. “I figured I’d try out and see if I’d win or not.”

Each contestant was given a 2012 WOW hot wing eating contest shirt, as well as two bottles of WOW hot sauce.

The winner of a hot wing eating contest would be assumed to be someone who eats a lot, but not Boyajian.

“I usually try not to eat that much because when I diet, I’m not a big fan of a lot of food,” Boyajian said.


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