Webster students, staff attend International Education Day in Jefferson City

Webster University international students and two staff members stand on the steps of the Missouri State Capitol Building on Feb. 29 for International Education Day. PHOTO BY JULIA GABBERT

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo — Seven Webster students and two Webster staff members drove for more than two hours to Jefferson City on Feb. 29. The Webster students are from seven different countries.

More than 400 students and advisors from 25 Missouri colleges and universities attended Study Missouri’s International Education Day in Jefferson City, Mo. The students and staff members took a tour of the Missouri State Capitol Building and had lunch with all the students in attendance at the Capitol Plaza hotel.

“At, lunch, we’re not sitting as a Webster group. They’re all separated and split up so that they can bond with people from their home countries and regions of the world,” said Kirstin A. K. Kahaloa, associate director of international recruitment at Webster. “It’s pretty exciting.”

Dr. Chad Stebbins, chairman of Study Missouri and director of international studies at Missouri Southern State University in Joplin, said international students do a lot for Missouri.

“They provide about $383 million economically to the state, but more importantly, they help internationalize all of our colleges and universities (in Missouri),” Stebbins said.

Study Missouri brought International Education Day back two years ago after it had been discontinued.

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