Top five issues to advance to delegates agenda


The Sunnen Lounge was full of students who listened quietly and attentively to their peers at the Officers Summit Feb 3. There were around 25 students who stood to talk about their ideas to be presented at the spring 2012 Delegates Agenda. However, the voting took place and now the top five issues remain.
Top Five Issues :
— Student organization storage space- The issue was brought up to take the garage by Sam H. Priest house and use it for storage space for student organizations on campus.
— More ID card access on campus-The issue was brought up to have more ID card slots to buildings on campus-particularly activated at nighttime to solve the problem of people accessing buildings and spaces they aren’t supposed to.
— Classroom furniture and building improvement-The issue was brought up that furniture throughout the campus doesn’t match and paint is chipping on walls.
— Wellness and recreation center-The idea was brought up that students don’t have any place to go to relax. All they have is small fitness center. Athletes brought up they don’t have enough room to work out as a team. It was also suggested that with the new master plan, more opinions of students are incorporated.
— Scholarships for International Students-Students felt there were not enough scholarships offered for international students coming to Webster. It was suggested that be changed for international students.

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