SOC professors move into Sverdrup


By Joshua Coppenbarger, assistant multimedia director, and Briana Baker, staff writer  

Boxes are beginning to fill the narrow halls of the Kirk House as the School of Communications (SOC) faculty pack their offices to move into the newly renovated offices in Sverdrup.
The offices on the second floor have been cleaned, painted and prepped, and are now available. The School of Business and Technology faculty, who previously occupied the offices, have moved into the East Academic Building. The SOC faculty received an email Monday, Jan. 23, about moving to the new offices in early February.
“We’re all excited, we really are,” Susan Napoleon, coordinator of the School of Communications, said.
Napoleon said it’s been a long-term plan for the SOC to completely occupy the Sverdrup building, since the former business offices can accommodate more space and provide a more efficient business relationship between the faculty and staff.
According to Napoleon, growth in the SOC and other programs, forced faculty into the Kirk House for more space.
Jorge Oliver, chair of the Electronic and Photographic Media Department, said he was excited to move since he has outgrown his small space in the Kirk House.
“I’m the biggest cheerleader of this move,” he said.
Video professor, Aaron AuBuchon, said the move would allow students to walk through the offices. Students were not permitted to cross when the School of Business and Technology was there.
AuBuchon said he enjoys it when students come to visit him in the Kirk House, but it will be easier for students to find him in Sverdrup.
“I like it when students come to see me when they have something to (talk) about,” AuBuchon said.
The Kirk House, located behind the University Center, houses full-time SOC faculty and staff, and some adjunct professors. Only the SOC faculty and staff will be moving to Sverdrup. Staff currently in Sverdrup will also move upstairs into newer offices. Napoleon said the objective of the move is to get the SOC faculty and staff in one location. This will allow them to rebuild their community and be together in a creative and business atmosphere.
“Our family is coming back together,” Napoleon said. “We’re going be our own school community again so we can be together physically in the same space. It just makes it a lot easier for us to do business and to create that community.”
Move in dates are scheduled for February 2nd and February 7th.

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