VIDEO: Inside the New Business & Technology Building


After many months of construction, Webster’s newest facility, the East Academic Building, is open for classes.

Video by Deja Randle
When You First Arrive

2nd floor lobby in the East Academic Building

The George Hebert Walker School of Business & Technology, formally known as the East Academic Building, was built on the concept of moving forward. Many amenities inside the building are designed to enhance comfort in teaching and in the classroom. The East Academic Building welcomes visitors and students with a two-story high ceiling lobby, with beautifully crafted cherry wood walls, and pattered furniture. The elegant chandelier in the lobby gives off a warm glow, and the large, floor-to-ceiling windows offer a great array of natural light.

The school features:

  • 42 Classrooms
  • 3 Floors
  • 4 Conference Rooms
  • 10 Computer Labs
  • An Auditorium
  • Large Classrooms
  • Collaborative Classrooms with Flat Screen TVs
  • A New Food Service Location
  • A New Quad
and much more….

The 92,000 square-foot space — about the size of one and a half football fields — was designed by architect Robert Stern. The cost to build the new facility was not provided upon request.

Designed To Inspire

View from the East Academic Building, parallel to Garden Ave.

Freshman sociology major Marcus Clay was amazed at the beauty of the new school. As he walked the wide hallways and gazed at the high ceilings, he began to dream about things he wanted to get accomplished. “This building design just makes me want to do so much more in life,” Clay said.

What is it missing?

Doctoral Candidate in Doctoral Management, Donna Sarro, was delighted to view and walk the halls of the building. Sarro, however, was not very interested in how nice the school looked or how cool the design was. She wanted to see what new technology was being used in the new building. She pointed out several things that were missing, including special computer ports she thought should be on the tables and chairs in the building. The ports would allow students to charge their computers and connect the the Internet while working or in class. She said without the ports, students might be uncomfortable and unable to work.

Upcoming Events for the East Academic Building

Improvements are still being made to make sure the building and its features fit the need of the students and faculty. The official grand opening for the building is scheduled for Wednesday, March 28th. Tour guides will be available to assist visitors in an exclusive tour.

Can’t wait until March?

The school is open to the public, so feel free to walk around and give yourself a private tour.

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