VIDEO: Webster University’s Commuter Council Talks Transportation


The Commuter Council wants creative solutions for the hectic transportation issues at Webster University. They asked students for their input on the ideas and solutions that were to be presented at this semester’s Delgates Agenda.


The Big Issue
The second most popular issue at the Fall 2011 officer’s summit was the creation of transportation task force. The task force would be in charge of taking care of issues that solely relate to transportation. Emily Bahr and Claire Luning are the two students that presented the issue at the Delegates Agenda on October 4th.Bahr and Luning came to the first commuter council meeting of the year to ask the students for their input.

“We’re trying to get a creative solution to all the stress that’s been placed on parking and being a commuter,” Luning said.

Students expressed many ideas and frustrations about the issue. One issue was students that don’t have parking passes parking in spots that are reserved to pass holders only. Some of the students felt public safety doesn’t enforce these rules.

Emily Bahr (left) and Claire Luning (right) listen to student's suggestions on transportation issues.

What are the Solutions?

One of the solutions to the parking problem might include a shuttle from the major apartment complexes around campus that students live in to limit the amount of cars on campus. Another solution included renting parking lots and having a shuttle from those lots to campus, like what the University did during homecoming weekend out of the Deer Creek parking lot.

Jennifer Violett, faculty advisor for the Commuter Council, says the shuttle was mainly targeted at faculty because it’s easier to reach out to them than students. Many of the students in the room said they had no idea about the shuttle. Another issue included the Metrolink system. One student said it takes her an hour and a half to commute by Metrobus.

Other Concerns of Commuters Left Untouched

English major Anna Piszar said as a commuter her main concern is being involved in the university’s community. Piszar wishes she could come to more events during the day because she’s not able to be on campus at night. The Commuter Council holds workshops on the last Wednesday of every month.

The Delegate’s Agenda will allow administration to try to help improve things students want to see changed. The commuter lounge was something the Commuter Council as well as students asked for in last fall’s Agenda. The lounge was then opened during that same fall semester.

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