VIDEO: Webster Works Worldwide at Queeny Park Continues Beautification Tradition


This year the group of ten showed up to Queeny Park in St. Louis County on a beautiful October day. Their goal was to do whatever Doug Wolter, horticulture supervisor for St. Louis County Parks, said to do. Their tasks included spreading mulch and cutting down honeysuckle trees that were taking over the front of the park.
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Webster faculty volunteers hauling mulch.

This is something most of them have done since 2003. The group is made up of mostly faculty and one student. The departments range from the registrar’s office to math and science. Wolter loves when Webster University comes back to help every year.

“Every year they do something that’s simply awesome and they take a task and they just change this park around,” Wolter said.

Team leader and teacher in the math and science department John Aleshunas said he likes doing this project because he’d rather be outside.

“It’s a good group of people. We laugh joke and get work done,” Aleshunas said.

Don Morris, the university’s registrar, said Queeny Park is his home for Webster Works.

“I’m the university registrar. I’m inside at a desk all day long everyday so this is my opportunity to be able to do something and be outside in the fresh air and work with these other people out here,” Morris said.

Honeysuckle tree branches were cut down and hauled away.

Every year the group comes they are trying to make the park look prettier for the community but one year they had to clean up for a visit from then President of the United States George W. Bush.

“We didn’t know about it until the day before and it just happens that Webster was here that day and the stuff we got done within five hours was unbelievable thanks to Webster Works,” Wolter said.
Webster Works Worldwide has been around for 17 years and it happens on the first Wednesday of October. This is a day of community service for everyone who chooses to be involved, from teachers to students.

As for next year, Aleshunas said with a few giggles, “I’ll be here.”

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