VIDEO: Sophomore Slam Poet Earns Standing Ovation at Spiterature


Sophomore David McDonald was in theater in high school and got into poetry during his senior year. He said since high school, he hadn’t done any kind of performance. McDonald wasn’t involved in Spiterature last year because he wasn’t comfortable with his place on campus. But this year, he was more comfortable and ready to perform.

“I was too nervous last year because I was like, ‘I’m a freshman, I haven’t figured out my path yet.’ So this was perfect for me. It was the right time where I know people and I can feel comfortable in front of an audience of my peers,” McDonald said.


Spiterature is a modified version of an open mic night that gives students the chance to express themselves in whatever way is best for them.
[pullquote]“The standing ovation from the crowd was brilliant and I love it so much,” McDonald said. [/pullquote]

AAAC Vice President Gabriall Moore said the AAAC has held an open mic night for a while. But last year it decided to rebrand Spiterature because the open mic night was taken over with poetry. Moore said the group wanted Spiterature to allow students to do other types of expression.

McDonald performed two pieces during his time to perform. His first performance was an energetic piece in which he wanted to get the audience excited. He said it was a great experience thanks to the audience. His second poem was a more personal piece. He said he originally wrote the piece about a girl he knew in high school, but has since patched things up with her and has moved on. He feels that it is still a captivating piece because it is something he wrote from his heart.

“I just wrote without thinking about it and the first time I read it I cried a little because I was like, Tthis is what my emotions are.’ It’s from my heart and that’s why it was so personal to me,” McDonald said.

McDonald said it was a great experience and he can’t wait to participate again next year. He was blown away by the crowd’s reaction and was very thankful for it.

“It was amazing,” McDonald said. “The standing ovation from the crowd was brilliant and I love it so much. I’m so happy that I did this and next year, since I’ll be studying abroad next semester, I going to definitely do this.”

Currently the AAAC hosts Spiterature once a semester. Moore said she has gotten a number of requests to do it more but there is no way they could afford to do it more at the moment.

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