VIDEO: Signs Break Stereotypes at LGBTQ Alliance Event: “In case you didn’t notice…”


Webster University’s LGBTQ Alliance’s first event of the year, “If you didn’t notice…” focused on breaking stereotypes that society places on individuals. Over one hundred posters were made by students on campus expressing their stereotype. Christopher Robinson, President of LGBTQ Alliance said, “My vice president, Colleen Cole came up with the idea to do this two years ago and decided to do the event a few weeks ago. We want to show people that you’re not a stereotype, but a unique individual.”

Video by Audra DeMariano

Students came together and wrote their stereotype(s) on posters and turned them into something positive. For example, one sign read, ‘Yes, I am mixed, but no, I am not confused.’ Emily Anderson, a senior human rights major, said she gets stereotyped is as a stoner, but doesn’t fit the stereotype because she showers everyday. “I feel there is nothing wrong with smoking marijuana and people should know that,” said Anderson. “People think we’re dirty smelly people. I take showers and get stuff done. I felt it was a great opportunity that LGBTQ is doing this.”  Other signs at the event: “I’m a Lesbian, and no I don’t play softball” and “I’m odd, but I have no problem fitting it.”

LGBTQ Alliance vice president Colleen Cole has her own pigeonhole to break free from. Her sign: “Yes, I’m from North County. No, I’m not illiterate.”

A Diverse Campus Means Diverse Students

Cole has attempted to make this event a success since she started it two years ago with LGBTQ. This year proved to be the best year so far for a successful attendance rate.

“I was really surprised to see how energetic everyone was. This year we even got people to make posters who were just curious, walking by the event and decided to stop and make a poster,” said Cole.
Cole said she was very pleased with the event and said Alliance would like to repeat the event.

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