Future History: Why the world has to take Palestinian statehood seriously

Akira Komatsu is a senior journalism major from Tokyo and staff writer for The Journal

The Middle East conflict between Israel and Palestine is the most difficult problem to solve in international politics. The problem has a historically long background, and nobody in the world can find any means of solving it in a short time. Both Israel and Palestine have been unable to solve the prolonged problem through peace negotiations.  Unfortunately, both sides do not have eagerness and willingness to stop repeated conflicts. While the disputes have been continuing endlessly, both sides have suffered casualties in the fights for the control of the land.
At present, the only solution to solve the Middle East conflict that will satisfy Israel and Palestine as well as the rest of the world is the solution of the United Nations’ resolution in the borders before 1967, and the U.N.  should accept the application for statehood submitted Sept. 23 by Palestine.
Palestine must declare clearly that it will never use militant powers against Israel in order to make Israel accept U.N. resolution. Israel is afraid of being exposed to rocket fire by Palestine. The Palestinians also must make Hamas renounce its charter to destroy Israel.
The U.N. Security Council must adopt a new resolution beforehand to use U.N. military forces immediately to protect Israel when its territory is threatened. These suggestions are the first and last solution to be accepted, both Israel and Palestine. As a result, they may be able to coexist peacefully with each other under the recognition of the international society.
In order to accomplish the resolution, there are two difficult hurdles. International powers have to persuade the United States and Israel. The U.S. and Israel must accept the independence of Palestine and the recognition of United Nations’ membership. Many nations in the world have already supported Palestine’s membership into the U.N.  The United States has expressed its intention to exercise their veto on proposal. The use of the veto will bring about criticism and anger against the United States.
It means that the States will lose their position as the mediator in Middle East conflicts, and it shows that America is a faithful supporter to Israel.  The United States wants both Israel and Palestine to bring peace to the Middle East by their direct negotiations. Israel holds the same position.  In reality, it is absolutely impossible for them to sit at the negotiating table and solve the issues directly.
No one can stop the movements of the “Arab Spring.” It is a long-cherished hope and dream for Palestinians to establish their own nation. If the Palestinians would stage a demonstration in the occupied districts on a large scale, there would be major collisions between the Palestinian people and Israeli forces. The Israeli government can’t cope with such situations. It is impossible to oppress people’s demand by force. Palestine will not be allowed to make a military attack against Israel after it has become an independent nation and a U.N. member because it will fulfill a responsibility for world peace and security as a U.N. member. It cannot use any military forces on Israel.
Israel should not stick to its old nostalgia. Without looking back on the past history, it is necessary to make a future with coexistence with Palestine. History will change, and present history will not continue. Both peoples used to live together in the land of Palestine.
The independence of Palestine is the issue of time, and it is a flow of nature. It is only natural for Palestinian people to have their own nation. They are watching other nations destroy the dictatorial political regimes by peoples’ power, such as Egypt, Tunisia and Libya. Israel should face the movement of the present.  Israel should not be isolated from the rest of the world, especially from neighboring nations. Coexistence is welcomed by the world, and it is a mutual interest of both the United States and Israel.
Israel is too over-anxious about the Palestinian people. Once they own their new nation, it is quite different from how it used to be. They will have to act and behave in accordance with the international common sense. Peaceful coexistence between Israel and Palestine will bring prosperity and happiness to both people.
It is about time to bring the conflicts to an end and start peaceful living on the lands of the Middle East.

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