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Construction Update

Starting second term of the Spring 2012 semester, the new academic building housing the George Herbert Walker School of Business should be open for classes. Due to a mason worker’s strike during June and July, along with six more weather delays than originally planned for, building is somewhat behind. But Dan Hitchell, associate vice president for resource planning and budget, said the crew focused on other construction plans to stay on schedule as much as possible.
The renovation of Marletto’s Marketplace is now complete, with the addition of the patio furniture outside the dining area.

Math professor returns to teaching after wife’s death

Ed Sakurai, math professor, is returning to teach for the Fall 2011 semester after the death of his wife, Anna Barbara Sakurai, professor emeritus.
“Ed’s doing the best as can be expected,” said Larry Granda, math professor and former student of Ed Sakurai. “He did say he was excited to get back into the classroom.”
Ed Sakurai will teach calculus I and calculus III.
Anna Barbara Sakurai died three days after a car accident on June 1 in Portland, Oregon. She was 80. Ed Sakurai was also injured, although not seriously.
Anna Barbara Sakurai started teaching at Webster in 1963. She joined the Sisters of Loretto in 1950, but left the order after falling in love with Ed Sakurai. Even after her departure from the convent, Anna Barbara Sakurai and Ed Sakurai still remained involved with the Loretto sisters and sat as co-members of the order.
Throughout her career, Anna Barbara Sakurai remained faithful to serving the homeless. She started a service group of Webster students and faculty who served a meal to the homeless once a month at St. Peter and Paul Church.
To her friends and co-workers, Anna Barbara Sakurai was a faithful Christian and social activist.

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