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Responding to “Defund Israel”
To the editor & Carlos Restrepo:
As a former student of WU, visiting the campus last night, I was disturbed after reading an opinion piece titled “Defund Israel” by Carlos Restrepo in this week’s The Journal which I picked up while there.
As a news editor, I would think he would be required to check his facts before supporting such propaganda.
I also hope the human rights department at the university will object to him referencing a textbook of theirs being used in support of his arguments.
I have reported this case to CAMERA.org and hope Restrepo will take the time to consider a more balanced look at Israel and the speaker, Anna Baltzer who recently spoke at WU.
Thank you,
David Altman.
Dear The Journal,
I’m frustrated. Actually, maybe I’m more disappointed.
I appreciate The Journal. It’s usually a fairly high quality publication put out by a small but dedicated staff to a campus community, which, in my experience, is often less than receptive.
With that being said, I was approached by a reporter at the Girl Talk concert looking for quotes. She was polite and easygoing, and having been a school newspaper reporter in high school, I understood how difficult getting a good quote can be and tried to help her out.
And what happened? I read an article with a quote attributed to me that was not only substantially altered in wording but in the wrong article. I was asked about Girl Talk and gave a quote about it, and my quote was used in reference to opening band Samuriot. The second part really irks me.
Not to mention that half the band members’ names were spelled incorrectly, along with several other egregious spelling errors. They were disappointed and so am I.
If you want to increase readership and loyalty, don’t manipulate our words to fit your stories, no matter how stuck you are. To do so is contemptible.
Sam Maul, senior audio production major

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