Real Beauty

JOSHUA MAASSEN/The Journal Audrey Simes, a junior dance major, tours the Real Beauty exhibit by artist Claudia DeMonte at the Cecille R. Hunt Gallery Feb. 19. Simes found it fascinating that her Japanese and Norwegian heritage were next to each other as dolls in the "Real Beauty" exhibit. The "Real Beauty" challenges the notion of beauty by showing what beauty means to different cultures globally. The exhibit does not feature an American doll, but does show a Navahoe doll. DeMonte featured 140 countries with 150 handmade dolls she either collected on her travels or bought. "We wanted this exhibit because it addressed the issue of women internationally," Hughes said. "It addressed beauty across an international spectrum." B.J. Vogt who help set up the exhibit, said when someone steps into the gallery, they are stepping into a work of art.

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