When it comes to education, new SBT building is a win-win


It’s a tired issue here at Webster University, as it is at every university, college, high school and mall. You name the location and we’ll guarantee someone has complained about it at one point.
Yes, we’re talking about parking. With one of the largest parking lots at Webster currently out of commission, the problem seems to be worse than ever, with even the farthest away lot being filled to capacity at high-traffic times. The point is not to complain about parking, however, because it points at a bigger issue of inconvenient and major construction at the university.
While The Journal staff hears the grumbles of our peers — and have grumbled time and again ourselves — it’s hard not to feel at least a little excited about the new changes at Webster.
Yes, parking will remain hard to master but the new George Herbert Walker School of Business and Technology will offer much needed space not only for the growing business school but also for the growing needs of the School of Communications.
Recently audio production made the jump from a program to its own department — filling the needs for the growing degree. However, with the departure from the Electronic and Photographic Media department, this means that space needs to be made for not just these new production needs but also for the other majors within the school.
For selfish reasons, The Journal is excited for the changes for the SBT. We have hopes for an updated newsroom for our program, even if the changes are far in the future. We also hope for workspaces for our friends in the advertising and public relations world.
The new building will not only open up space for classrooms and meeting spaces for students but also a chance to get Webster’s name out there for conferences, meetings and other community events. Plus, in our opinion, we’ll look “official” with buildings for some of our respective schools.
So, while parking is a pain and construction is unpleasant, we’ll pull a page from our parents’ books and say it’s “for our own good.”

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