January 22, 2018


Tom Oates worked for Webster for a combined 15 years.

Photo contributed by Webster University
A receipt holder from the Moscow Olympic games sits on John Buck’s desk, one of the items from his large collection. 

Photo by Andrew McMunn
Jenna Rodriguez taught children, including ones with disabilities, while in Ghana.

Photo by Jenna Rodriguez
Photo Credit: Robert Cohen / St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Photo Credit: Niel DeVasto
Shin (sent)
Maalik Film
David Clewell performs a live poetry reading.

Photo by Ben Clewell
Along with "Sender Unknown: Into the Woods," Lisa Brunette has also published three novels.

Photo by Ian Scott
Payton Moise said the ability to sense supernatural entities runs in her family.

Photo by Christine Tannous
Manali Ghag speaks at a Sangam club meeting in the Webster Clubhouse.

Photo by Claudio Cobos

Craig Miller Sr. builds foundation at Webster

Craig Miller, Sr.’s dedication to architecture at Webster has produced state-of-the-art buildings like the East Academic Building and The Interdisciplinary Sciences Building. His love and appreciation for architecture is deeply rooted in his family’s history.